Scott Presler: Breaking Tradition and Cherishing Values

Scott Presler is a large advocate for our 45th President and a member of ACT for America. He has done great work on elections all around the United States and worked to advance the GOP’s presence in political scenes everywhere. Scott sparked a debate about former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and her real treatment of members of the LGBT community considering her Saudi donors.  He broke the mold of what it means to be a Trump supporter and conservative – and brings light to people across the nation.

Here is my interview with him:

EP: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

SP:  “I created my Twitter account the day President Obama was re-elected. I told myself, “You can sit at home and do nothing or you can go out and make a difference.” In March 2013, I began volunteering for the Virginia gubernatorial election and I fell in love with politics. After the election was over, I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life. In Late December 2013, I applied for jobs across the country. Three days after applying to work for Greg Abbott’s gubernatorial campaign, I interviewed over the phone and made plans to move to Texas two weeks later. My goal became to help elect Greg Abbott, as well as win Republican governor and Senate races across the U.S. From 2014-2015, I worked on political campaigns in Virginia and Texas, but my dream was to help elect the next POTUS. While working in Houston. TX, I got a call t work as a regional field director for the Republican Party of Virginia. I took the job, worked the next year and a half to defeat Hillary. and now I am living my newest dream of working for Brigitte Gabriel’s organization, ACT For America.”

EP: Being a Trump supporter is something we can all relate to, but I understand you’re also a member of the LGBT community, could you speak a little on that?

SP: “I have always been conservative leaning, but did not fully embrace being a gay Republican. The Orlando shooting at a gay night club, however, changed my life. After the radical Islamic terrorist targeted the gay community and murdered 49 of our brothers and sisters, that was the moment when I told myself. “It’s time to come out, stand up, and fight.” I felt an obligation to come out as gay not only to help empower others like me, but to wake up the LGBTQ community about the threat of radical Islam. To this day, I still get death threats from democrats, but I get so many positive, loving messages from people who thank me for being brave. The outpouring of love is constant, emotional, and I have 70-year-old, white, straight, Christian men who tell me that they would be proud to bake me a cake for my wedding. It is a constantly battle being a gay Republican, but not because the Republican Party will not accept me — because the LGBTQ community largely does not see the threat of this radical ideology.”

EP: What do you think of Donald Trump’s performance so far?

SP: “Three words: Oh my gosh! President Trump is the first president I have voted for who I am wholeheartedly enthusiastic about. It is refreshing and inspiring to see a man actually follow through with his campaign promises. Every since his election, I have been excited to wake up each morning to read the news: If it was not Trump saving jobs in Indiana, he was rolling back regulations that hurt small businesses, or getting Justice Neil Gorsuch confirmed, or telling companies who leave America that they will be taxed, or working with the Egyptian President to bring back imprisoned Americans, or speaking at the NRA convention to reaffirm that he will protect our rights to keep and bear arms. I am ecstatic.”

“I came out as gay after the Orlando shooting and now I’m working at an organization to help stop radical Islamic terror.” – Scott Presler

EP: How do you see the French elections turning out?

SP: “I am hopeful that Marine Le Pen will become the next President of France. To any French citizens who read this and do not vote for her, just remember that you are a misogynistic, chauvinistic sexist. (Just kidding, I am not a liberal.) The results of the April 23rd election were a little dismaying, especially since many of the candidates have already endorsed Macron. Notwithstanding, even with the media, polls, and globalist money working against Trump, he still won. A French scientist who predicted Brexit and President Trump, however, said that Marine could still win . I have my fingers crossed and this is the first time I have said #ImWithHer.”

EP: Like all of our readers, we all have a reason to have wanted a Hillary defeat, what was yours?

SP: “Where do I begin? Was it the fact that she has changed every policy stance she has had based on public opinion at the time? Was is the fact that she said “What difference does it make?” in reference to Benghazi, Libya? Was is her taking quid pro quo blood money from countries who imprison and murder gays because of their sexuality, while still claiming to be a gay rights champion? What is her Clinton Foundation racking up pay to play donations from foreign countries while giving them favorable outcomes as Secretary of State? Was it her anti-gun policies, which leave law-abiding families vulnerable to violence? Was it her anti-wall, pro-illegal alien, pro-sanctuary cities stances? Was it her potential ability to forever shape SCOTUS by nominating liberal Justices? The 2016 election was more than just Hillary Clinton being the most corrupt, criminal candidate to ever run for president. For me, it was either Donald Trump wins or it is the end of Western Civilization as we know it.”

EP: Biggest Trump goal (eg. Tax Reform, Wall) you’re looking forward to.

SP: “The biggest President Trump campaign promise I am looking forward to is his building the wall. I have even tweeted to President Trump, offering to volunteer my time and donations to help build it. I know he will never see the tweets, but I want a public record to show I am a staunch supporter. The wall is about national security and safety: Keep out the dangerous cartels and their drugs which kill Americans; stop the spread of sex trafficking; prevent illegal aliens from crossing the border, and help eliminate the threat of terrorists coming into our country. The irony in the promise I am most looking forward to is something that Obama, Hillary, Biden, and Chuck Schumer voted for in 2006. The democrats’ resistance to President Trump’s wall shows that they are putting partisan politics over the safety of the American People.”

EP: You have 80k followers on Twitter and more on Facebook, what’s your message to them – the American people.

SP: “Vote November 6th, 2018. I am so humbled to have 80,000 followers on Twitter. Sometimes, I do a double-check to make sure that I am really seeing my verification and number of followers. As I mentioned above, I want people to know how thankful I am for their outpouring of love. We are forever family. More importantly, people must understand that the fight is not over. Just because President Trump was elected does not mean we can lighten up. Politics is war: 24/7/365. President Trump needs us to keep fighting for his mission of making America great again, and that means it is imperative that every single one of us votes on November 6th, 2018.”

“Christians may not bake me a cake for my wedding, but they won’t throw me off of a building because I’m gay.”

EP: What’s next for Scott Presler?

SP: “I am going to keep tweeting. I want to encourage more people to become citizen journalists, and report the truth, since our current main stream media has other nefarious goals in mind. In addition to continuing Gays For Trump, I want to help teach people how to become political activists. I went from the kid who knew nothing about politics to now working for a grassroots national security organization, ACT For America. I recently tweeted that my 4-year goals include helping ACT For America reach 2 million activists, @ScottPresler achieve 200,000 followers, become a contributor for Fox News, and to hopefully bag myself a husband. As it stands, I am focused on keeping a Republican majority in Congress in 2018, and helping to re-elect President Trump in 2020. My eyes are on the prize: I want to work in President Trump’s administration one day.”

EP: Where can people reach you?

SP: “The best place to reach me is on Twitter (Scott Pressler) or on Facebook (Scott Pressler). I do my best to answer any and all messages that people send to me, even the trolls.”

The thing that surprised me most about Scott Presler was his great authenticity. Scott has been true to himself, and his beliefs – putting himself out there for a cause we all support. He works hard each and everyday to ensure our republic’s success and prosperity, even when faced with heavy intolerance from some members of the LGBTQ community, and of course the left itself.

To this day, I still get death threats from democrats, but I get so many positive, loving messages from people who thank me for being brave. – Scott Presler

His bravery is starkly symbolic of the bravery conservatives everywhere hold in their hearts and in their minds. In a time when people are persecuted publicly and socially for their beliefs, Scott wears his proudly. The left’s hypocrisy borderlines on insanity – when they “advocate” for LGBT rights, yet attack this man viciously because his beliefs are different, we get to see their true colors. As Tomi Lahren explained it, true diversity is diversity of thought, not just skin color – which seems to be something the left cannot fathom.

In our modern age, all conservatives do not look the same – and that’s ok. As a matter of fact, it’s amazing. It’s amazing because it’s people like Scott who push our party forward each and every day. All conservatives should be proud of this man, regardless of their religious preference, Scott Presler did something very brave – he came out as a Trump supporter. Scott understands that it’s about more than just being a Trump supporter – it’s about being a good person, with conservative beliefs. It’s about caring for your family, whatever that may look like. It’s about individual freedoms, and liberty.

The GOP and conservatives in general are evolving. There is no one specific demographic that believes in liberty. We asked Scott Presler to do this interview  because we believe he is a very brave and successful man. Scott is one who works day in and day out to help a cause you and I support. 





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