Trump’s First 100 Days Concludes with Successful Rally

      Harrisburg, Pennsylvania was rocked tonight by hoards of proud Americans hoping to catch a glimpse of their new and seasoned President. Fresh off his 100 day marker, the New York native listed his bold agenda that gave many a stark reminder of ‘vintage’ campaign Trump. MAGA hats blaring, and crowd cheering, the President reaffirmed to his base that his main campaign promises would indeed happen despite uncertain coverage from the fake news media. Tonight, the narrative that his base has fled him went up in smoke, rather a new one formed. His base is stronger than ever, filling the arena with record numbers and an attendance total higher than the Correspondence Dinner he chose not to attend. This rally was more than a simple re-election rally, instead it was a giant message to his constituents, one that simply reads as follows:

“I will not let America be taken advantage of.”

      And his promises have been kept. By choosing not to attend the Correspondence Dinner, he told the American people that they are more important than any media corporation. He spent much of the night viciously tearing into the fake news media – especially CNN. While the MSM may hold their events to promote and celebrate their own vanity, Trump held his to promote the prosperity of the American people. He proved tonight that a better America can be achieved, and just like the song he walked out to, he can do it His Way.

      His first 100 days may not have been riddled with political victories, but he by far won the night. The most important and fruitful victory so far has been the nomination, and confirmation, of Neil Gorsuch. The last time a Supreme Court nominee was confirmed in less than 100 days was in 1881. His approval bears continual benefits for America when it comes to future cases, especially regarding the 2nd amendment, and religious freedom matters. With a 5-4 Supreme Court, the President’s bids to end funding to ‘Sanctuary’ Cities and initiate his Travel Ban will most likely pass.

      His second most important achievement is the simple fact that they aren’t Hillary’s 100 days. You see, Trump’s biggest achievements are enforcing existing laws – take the border for example. Overall crossings have gone down 45% and crossings of families have gone down nearly 80%. He has taken down unnecessary regulations and gotten the Dakota Keystone Pipeline to begin construction, creating tens of thousands of jobs. His MOAB killed 100 ISIS fighters, and with his strike on Syria, he told the world that we are done leading from behind. America has pulled out of TPP, and Mexico and Canada have agreed to renegotiate NAFTA. President Trump has given the world a wake up call, telling them who really is in charge – and better yet he gave hard working Americans a new feeling of pride and hope… real hope this time.

      America is polarized, and this night proved that. However, if there’s one moment that proved to be historic enough to be remembered centuries from now – it was President Trump reading ‘The Snake’ by Al Wilson. 

      Take tonight (and the previous 100 days) as you will, a victory, or a loss – though his policy achievements have not been lengthy, he has restored a feeling of pride most Americans nearly lost in the last 8 years. Laws will be respected again. America will be respected again – and most of all, a man in the White House respects the American people again.


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