Samantha Bee: Fake News at Its Finest

Samantha Bee, “comedian” and the host of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, has been known for making many controversial statements.

Samantha Bee not only annoys me because she thinks that she is funny, she annoys me because she and her staff do not fact check the issues that they choose to discuss. This, in turn, reveals their immaturity and lack of concern for producing a quality show.

Bee relies on her character to carry the show by using curse words or making quirky, ridiculous, facial expressions into the camera. Just like most leftists, Bee could not be any happier to destroy the conservative movement or characterize conservatives as anything but admirable. She attacks with insults because she knows no other way.

Perhaps the most controversial statement issued by Full Frontal with Samantha Bee was when correspondent Michael Rubens went to CPAC to find out if “conservatism is still a thing.” Many young men wore bow ties at CPAC 2016. Full Frontal suggests, “This year, the bow ties were gone and replaced by Nazi hair.” It then revealed many different young men with similar hairstyles. What Full Frontal failed to realize was that one young man, Kyle Coddington, featured in a clip suffers from stage 4 brain cancer.

Coddington’s sister, Megan Coddington, took to Twitter Thursday morning to call out Samantha Bee on her wrongdoing.

The tweet quickly gained attention and Samantha Bee and Full Frontal both issued apologies via Twitter to Kyle and his sister Megan.

While Samantha Bee’s apology means nothing, Full Frontal did remove Kyle Coddington from the piece.

It’s acts like these that Samantha Bee often finds herself entangled in that discredit her reputation. I guess I should ask myself what reputation she has to discredit, but that is beside the point.

Transitioning a bit, let’s talk about March 8, 2017.

While March 8, 2017 was indeed International Women’s Day, it was considered by the official Women’s March to be “A Day Without A Woman.” Their hopes were that women of America would wear red, skip work, and conserve money. They wanted America to realize what it was like to not have a woman’s presence. This quickly backfired when the ones that actually know, and care about America, showed up for work on Wednesday.

The official Twitter account for Full Frontal honored its ignorance and showed its support for Women’s March yesterday morning by Tweeting this:

Not only does this tweet show a high level of disrespect for those that are serving in President Trump’s administration, but the people in this photo are not of Trump’s Administration. These are CEO’s from major companies.

The tweet continues to grow to a brainwashed audience of leftists who are clueless of who the men pictured in the tweet really are.

Conservatives responded to Full Frontal via Twitter to show their displeasure in the fake news prompted by the account:

Samantha Bee will continue to do anything in her power to silence conservatives and show just how un-patriotic she truly is. If it means making up news, so be it. If it means making fun of someone’s appearance, so be it.  Samantha Bee will never be honest with herself. She will continue to show images and make up stories that fit her narrative. A sad life.


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Photo courtesy Samantha Bee (tbs)


3 thoughts on “Samantha Bee: Fake News at Its Finest

  1. Most of the time on that show, Samantha Bee behaves like a bigoted dimwit and a middle-aged teenybopper when she does her routine – simply because she is all those things. I doubt that she even gets the amount of viewers that the ratings claim she does – if they say she’s getting about 600,000 viewers per episode on average, the real number is probably closer to only about 6,000.


  2. I’m so glad a young person has the same opinion as me of her. Whew😦 She ruins big bang theory re-runs. I literally hit mute during commercials
    Good to see young conservatives! Respectful. Good for you.


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