Young Conservatives: A Forgotten Class

Today, February 2, 2017, many young conservatives may feel as though their beliefs or thoughts are unwarranted. Most young conservatives are fearful of revealing their true ideas in trepidation of being shunned or bypassed when it comes to voicing their opinions. That is a problem. A problem that does not get recognized enough.

Perhaps the thing that exasperates me the most is that schools and universites are playing into the idea of allowing students to act and do as they please. They are negligent of the fact that other students may present different ideas that deflect from the left’s ideas. Schools and universities around the country have become so comfortable in making their campus as diverse and accepting as possible. I am not saying that that is a bad thing, however, I am saying that we should not let traditional values slip away only to better engage a certain class of individuals.

With all of that said, I am in favor of peaceful protests. If you do not like something, you should protest for a change. However, I am highly annoyed with current protestors who are in the streets only because they feel like they did not get their way and are wreaking havoc in our great country. This only makes your beliefs even more minuscule to those who oppose them, hence the term snowflake.

Wake up America. You have young conservatives around the country who are intimidated into not revealing their true beliefs because they have been mistreated by many members and students of the left. It is a disgrace to so many citizens of America who share those students’ conservative ideas. Schools and universities should not construct the views of the youth in America. We are all different and should display different ideas.

An even broader and more troublesome problem with young conservatives sharing their ideas freely is the vast majority of young liberalistic individuals using social media. The liberal students are so quick to point fingers at those who may not share the same ideas as they do that they are not taking the time to focus on the facts.

Many of today’s students who are involved in politics remain mostly quiet, unless their view is considered good and true in the eyes of the left. It’s those that are not educated in the field that want to speak up without factual information. My message to those that are out protesting is to find a reliable news source. Facebook is not going to give you facts. In case you haven’t realized, almost all of the mainstream media leans so far left that they cannot see straight. I am not saying that one should change their view on certain notions, I am professing that you become more educated in politics. When one becomes more educated in politics, they often see the truth behind the mainstream media and are then able to formulate a more powerful opinion. Get with the program. Get educated on what you are protesting before it is too late.

To all of the young conservatives, like myself, out there, I say thank you. Thank you for standing up for what you believe in. Do not change because you feel your opinions are unworthy. I, and so many others, value your opinions. Together, we will stand strong.

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3 thoughts on “Young Conservatives: A Forgotten Class

  1. I feel very grateful for reading the article. I am an international student who arrived in the U.S. last September from China. But during these several months, I truly have such fearful feeling described in the article because of my conservative values. Many older Chinese Americans who have personally experienced catastrophic Cultural Revolution in my own country know how important it is to hold conservative values to avoid that kind of disaster. But as a new comer, I’m so afraid of being labeled and isolated by my classmates, so I choose to remain silent. Thank you for letting me know there are still young conservatives in the U.S.


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