Jeanine Pirro: An Unstoppable Force

America has long been a country where anyone can speak their mind freely as long as it does not effect someone directly or go against law, such as a violent threat. Judge Jeanine Pirro, star of her own political commentary show Justice with Judge Jeanine, exercises her 1st Amendment right almost daily.

From commenting on the strategies of the Trump Administration to discussing a failed liberalist agenda, Pirro makes it very clear that safety comes first in America.

Pirro’s opening statements on Justice with Judge Jeanine have been some of the most well-admired in the political world. In her opening comments for Saturday’s show, she had this to say: “You can march and you can hate; you can shame and you can demonize, but… law and order is back in the West,” Pirro said, when speaking of Trump’s executive order withholding federal grant money to cities who will not enforce federal immigration law.

Pirro knows exactly what America needs, which is Trump. Graced with nearly 500k Twitter followers in support of her messages, Pirro reminds us daily to strive for a more prominent, safe, and prosperous country.

Pirro has went above and beyond when debating with others on her show and has shown that she can remain a strong and confident leader while showing no remorse. A talent for which we conservatives appreciate.

Pirro is a strong advocate for a better voting system.

“What people do not understand, and I’ve prosecuted these cases,” Pirro said, before dropping a bombshell.  “Dead people vote all of the time.”

“It’s called voter fraud . . . you go in and you vote under the name of someone who is deceased,” she said. Pirro stands strong with her comments on voter fraud and later suggested that the federal government should start “cleaning up the voter rolls.”

Thank you, Judge Jeanine, for keeping it real and always standing up for people who are not of the liberal agenda. It means so much.

For more of Judge Jeanine, follow her on Twitter at @JudgeJeanine.


4 thoughts on “Jeanine Pirro: An Unstoppable Force

  1. Kyle, the article was well written. My attention did not drift from your subject. THX so much for being a brave, strong conservative with conservative values.


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