Trump’s Wall Plans Continue

President Trump released statements today stating that his promise of building a wall dividing Mexico and The United States is going to happen. In a press interview Trump said, “American people will not pay for the wall…” President Trump also instituted that he wants 20% tax placed on imported goods from Mexico to help construct the wall. This all comes as a shock to a nation who has seen little to no reform in the past few years towards illegal immigration. It is long overdue. With President Trump leading the way, illegal immigrants will be sure to have to come to America legally. Most Americans are in favor of this as they are paying high taxes to support government assistance. With people coming to America legally, we will see an increase in the amount of tax payers. If the wall is constructed, this will mean major changes for the American and Mexican people.


2 thoughts on “Trump’s Wall Plans Continue

  1. Nice article. Who knows the total cost of the illegal flood across the border. The wall will probably pay for itself in reduced welfare payouts. ( idea for another article maybe).


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